Zip screen is basically a screen system that serves as a shading function. These curtains move on two thin rails and can be opened and closed practically. Zip curtain systems, which prevent most of the sunlight from entering in the summer, provide savings in order to keep the heat inside the house in winter. They can be produced in different colors and sizes according to the needs. Since they can be used to produce shade in any area, they are one of the widely preferred curtain products in winter gardens. There are also businesses such as restaurants and cafeterias within their usage areas.


  • It is modern and aesthetic.
  • Provides protection from the burning effect of the sun, wind and rain during sudden weather changes.
  • Micro air-hole fabric structure continuously circulates fresh air.
  • Blinds, awnings, Venetian blinds, mosquito nets, roller blinds, etc. It offers all of the product functions together.
  • Special textile fabric shows high resistance to environmental effects.
  • It affects the final appearance of the buildings with its color varieties and provides aesthetic integrity.
  • It offers high standards to the user with its remote controlled use.
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