Sliding Door Systems are generally preferred doors in garden entrances of detached houses, factories, businesses, campuses, villas, summer houses, apartments and car park entrances.

With the remote control, you can easily open the door without coming to the door entrance and getting out of your vehicle. Door motors must be remote control compatible. The motors used should always be used with door motors that work smoothly and meet certain quality and standards. Application areas of the sliding garden door: It can be preferred in many places such as garden, indoor and outdoor parking gates, factory entrance doors, site entrance doors, villa doors, summer doors.

Sliding Door Specifications

It can be opened at a constant speed of 4 m / second.
Control by remote control can be integrated with a button control system.
They have standard safety photocell and flasher lamp assembly.
Sliding Doors are produced in 600 kg, 1000 kg, 1500 kg and other industrial type models.


Sliding Garden Door System Services
Sale of sliding door motors and after-sales services
Sliding garden gate automation, turnkey gate system
Sliding gate control and other accessories sales

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