They are Industrial Sectional Door Systems produced from sandwich panels resistant to environmental conditions.

These are door systems that prioritize insulation in loading and unloading works that require medium level seriality. It is extremely durable and long-lasting with inner material filled with polyurethane, outer steel or optional aluminum coated panels. Sectional doors made of rubber gasket are sealed.

Although sectional doors do not open very quickly, they switch to an open position with a speed of 50-60 cm per second with specially designed control panels. Sectional doors also eliminate security problems with their solid body. It can be used compatible with bellows systems.

Sectional doors are among the most preferred door models of recent times. Turkish industrial companies have adopted this product due to its long life, durable structure and practical use.

The average life span of sectional doors is 12 years. The only part of the door that changes during use is its springs. The spring cost is 1/5 of the door cost. Please make periodic maintenance of the doors on time so that the doors can serve regularly for a longer period of time.

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