Guillotine glass (Movable Handrail) can be used in hotels, houses, shops, restaurants, pastry houses, winter gardens, terraces etc. can be used in places. It is designed in such a way that it can turn the indoor space into an open space with a single click. The system is opened and closed by moving up and down. It has 3-winged insulated and single glass options. One wing is fixed and the other two are moving. You can stop the moving wings at any level you want. You can open it halfway or fully. The system can be collected both below and above according to preference. It is never water and air proof when closed. It gives near-perfect results with insulated glass. It adapts to any environment with its modern and elegant appearance. The engine section above the system is located in a specially designed box made of aluminum profiles. When required, the system can be easily removed and serviced by simply removing the motor box cover without disassembling.

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