Photocell Glass Entry Door Systems

Photocell door systems are used in many places for different purposes. As the preferred places to use; We can list sites, apartments, shopping malls, parks and gardens, villas, industrial sites, hotels, hospitals, universities and similar modern buildings.
In Photocell sliding door systems, the materials used are different according to the indoor and outdoor environment. Photocell doors minimize loss of time by opening and closing quickly at the entrances and exits of the spaces.

In photocell systems, sliding doors have an automatic sensor. We offer the best solution to our customers in different alternatives according to their usage.

Photocell doors take their name from the photocell system above the door. Photocell doors are opened to the door without any physical contact thanks to this photocell.

As soon as the photocell doors come to the passage area, they detect the person coming with their sensitive sensors and the door opens automatically. Photocells consist of light sensitive resistors. Resistors perceive the light movement in a method similar to the human eye.

It opens automatically with the help of motion sensitive sensors and closes after a certain period of time. There are safety sensors against jamming.

Systems such as fingerprint, password entry, remote control, card access can be integrated into photocell doors.

It operates as a single wing or double wing according to the width of the transition area. Impact resistant laminated glass is used in the aluminum frame. If desired, sash can also be applied as frameless tipping glass for decorative purposes. The most important factor affecting Photocell Door Prices is the quality of the material.

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