Automatic shutters provide heat and sound insulation as well as protect from excessive sunlight, provide security and add an aesthetic appearance to your home from the outside. We can divide the roller shutters into three groups according to their use: automatic shutters, manual shutters and mechanical shutters.

Automatic shutters have become easy to use by combining technology. It is practical to open and close with the button on the wall or the remote control.

Automatic Shutters
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Mechanical Shutter Models
Automatic Shutter Models
Motorized Shutter Models
We can divide them into groups as Photocell Fully Automatic Shutter Models.




It contributes to safety and sound-heat insulation for homes and offices. It contributes to energy saving. It protects your home against external factors such as rain, dust and sunlight. It prevents your home from being seen by closing the shutters. By cutting the sun’s rays, it extends the life of the items in your home and gives your home a decorative appearance.




We can divide automatic blinds into three different systems. Monoblock boxed shutters, externally mounted shutters and detailed (hidden box) shutters.

How Much Are Automatic Blinds Prices?

It is possible to get offers at different prices in the market according to the prices of automatic blinds, brand and product quality. For those looking for economical shutter prices, there are wooden and manually operated shutters. After these shutters, automatic or semi-automatic shutters produced from aluminum are produced slightly above the prices. In short, many product models and prices arise according to the preferences of the user.

Monoblock Boxed Roller Blind

Monoblock blinds are curtains mounted flush to the exterior of the building. It insulates your home from all external factors. It is one of the most preferred shutter models.

External Blinds

There are manual and automatic models. This model, which is preferred in different buildings and workplaces, is compatible with window and door systems. The most automatic model is preferred. Different color options are offered according to the customer’s preference.

Detail (Secret Box) Shutter Model

Detail Louver model are automatic louvers that are installed during construction. These are the most preferred blinds in residences. There are different color preferences.

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