One of the reasons why automatic shutter systems are preferred is that they are easy to use and safe. Automatic shutter systems are always used in places where safety is prioritized. In parallel with the development of technology, shutter systems are also developed to adapt to the requirements of the time.

Controlling automatic shutters with remote control provides ease of use to users. Automatic shutter systems have become widespread in places such as markets, stores, jewelery stores, cafes and restaurants, factories, technology stores.

Our experienced team offers you the most suitable first quality shutter systems, bringing you automatic shutter systems for your homes, summer houses, workplaces and many other places you need.

Our company prioritizes the quality of the product it produces and offers a guarantee in after-sales maintenance services.




  1. Its long service life is preferred. It is suitable for use for many years thanks to the special coatings in the production phase.
  2. They can be designed according to your request in color and size and can be designed according to your needs.
  3. It is easy to use. Because it is automatic, it provides convenience, does not require maintenance, it is very easy to clean and has the feature of cleaning itself with rain.
  4. It is an ideal solution for security. It is a deterrent against dangers from outside your home.
  5. The motor used in automatic shutter systems is powerful and durable. You can use it for many years without any problems in accordance with the conditions of use since the day it was established.



It can be used wherever the level of security is important, and its automatic shutters can be used in parking lots, shops, cafes, warehouses and factories. Operation with remote control is the most preferred reason for its ease of use. They are systems that you can use without any difficulty, thanks to the motor with a button, without lifting tons of weight as before.


Shutters also vary according to the area of ​​choice and the material used.

Galvanized Steel Shutter

It is one of the shutters with the best aesthetic appearance and security among the shutters. Automatic galvanized steel shutter products, consisting of lamellae connected to each other, are produced with the dipping technique. The shutter, which is galvanized with the hot dipping technique, is wiped on the arm and cleaned. In motorized shutters, the motor is strong enough to bear the weight of the shutter. The shutter, which is collected in the drum when opened, can be used manually in case of power failure.

Windowed Aluminum Extrusion Shutter

The shutter systems produced with the extrusion technique used in the production stage in the industrial sector guarantee long-term use to the users. These are the shutters produced by processing the raw material that comes in aluminum molds. High quality and fast production is possible with the latest technology production tools. It is produced in line with the special design demands and ideas of our customers.

Polyurethane Filled Galvanized Steel Shutter

They are non-rusting, high quality and easy to use decorative steel shutters. The inner part is resistant to the effects that may come from outside with its special filling. Although it has thermal insulation feature, it has a design resistant to external impacts. It can be decorated according to your space and provide the desired visuality.



Although a clear fee is not specified at this point, automatic shutter prices will vary depending on certain factors. First of all, our expert team comes to your place, makes the necessary measurements and the price offer is sent to you.

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